Digitalization is bringing substantial benefits in Transportation operational efficiency as well as better passenger experience and comfort. It also inevitably increases the vulnerability to cyber-threats. These trends expose mobility operators and the public to unprecedented levels of cybersecurity risk.

The priority objective of CAF Digital Services has always been to provide safe systems in respect to operators’ operational efficiency.

Our cybersecurity initiative has been structured in several axis to cover all aspects needed including CAF partners and subcontractors.

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Security 1

Cybersecurity by design

A resilient model designed and built from the start.

Cyber integrated in the whole lifecycle from requirements analysis to the end of project according to recognized standards such as ISO 27001, IEC 62443 and CENELEC TS-50701.A

Security 2

Awareness & traning

A well trained and aware human team.

Promoting cybersecurity culture among employees, customers and suppliers to ensure high level maturity.

Security 3

Cybersecurity risk managed

We make sure to provide a safe cyber-enviroment

Threats and vulnerabilities are managed and continuously monitored to improve the security using cyber tools and services such as SOC, PenTest and Patch Management.

Security 1

Cyber innovation

Cybersecurity included in the global CAF innovation process.

Leading edge technology that allows customers to ensure passengers safety, comfort and transportation systems operational efficiency.

Security 2

Your data yours

Your data under control, for your total autonomy.

The customer owns the data. It is only visible to you and CAF Digital Services.

Security 3

Security as code in cloud

Cloud cybersecurity best practices.

CI/ CD methodology to ensure code, infrastructures, networks and data (transit/rest) protection.