Visit to the Zaragoza Tram Digital Depot

As part of the agenda of the European Light Rail Congress held in Zaragoza, participants have been able to visit the facilities of the Zaragoza Tram Workshop to learn about the technologies implemented by CAF, such as LeadMind, for predictive maintenance.

Visit to the Zaragoza Tram Digital Depot
Explanation of LeadMind, CAF´s Digital Platform in the visit to the Digital Depot

Zaragoza has been chosen for the edition of this European Light Rail Congress organized by Mainspring and in collaboration with Tranvías de Zaragoza and CAF. In this expected meeting, visitors have been able to participate in a visit to the Digital Depot of Zaraoza Tram to learn about, among other things, the CAF technologies implemented to optimize the maintenance strategy.

Participants have first-hand acquainted the digital transformation processes implemented in the workshop and the tools applied by  Gonzalo Del Cueto, responsible for the Zaragoza workshop as well as for the digitalization applied to maintenance at CAF Rail Services.

Data-Driven Maintenance

LeadMind, the CAF digital platform for operation and intelligent maintenance, stands out among the implemented technologies, where they have been able to learn real cases of real-time detections that have avoided service incidents. On the other hand, they have also been able to know the work they do from the workshop through LeadMind with advanced analytics for the predictive maintenance of the Urbos tramway fleet and the application of the condition-based maintenance that allows them to plan safely and efficiently even before the unit reaches the workshop.

LeadMind Traceability

Finally, one of the most striking initiatives has been the implementation of the traceability system. Through RFID technology from the Zaragoza tramway workshop have full control over the traceability of selected assets such as bogie and covered, among others.

From the team of LeadMind, Luis Fernandez-Barrena, Business Development Manager and Cristina Pastor, Software Product & Project Manager, have been supporting the visit in the workshop and once again it has been a pleasure to see the great work done in the depot.