From passenger counting to predict transit demand, actionable data for railway operators

As passengers, we used to choose the same train coach, probably the one closest to elevators, automatic stairs or our exit station. That is why some train cars are crowded and others are almost empty. But nowadays, operators need to be able to monitor the number of people onboard and provide a better passenger experience while meeting social distancing requirements.

CAF offers, both in real time and through advanced analytics, a vehicle occupancy data management solution enabling operators to track the number of passengers per train, coach, location, time-slot and service. At a technological level, the number of passengers can be measured based on the weight or through the integration of an specific passenger counting system. But if we extend its use, the benefits of “Passenger Counter” do not end there.


Reduce dwell times and anticipate unexpected incidents

From the passenger's point of view, this information allows them to reach the station and through the information system of the platform, (through an operator app or by scanning a QR) get the information about the total train and car occupancy level. By accessing this information, the passenger can choose the emptiest car and increase the safety of the journey respecting social distancing. Also, having passengers well positioned before the train reaches the platform, can reduce dwell times in the stations.

Many operators are actively prioritizing their investment strategies and looking to understand the new smart systems and processes that can transform their operations.  LeadMind advanced analytics has the capability to analyse historical data and forecast passenger demand. This allows operators to provide an optimal and value-added service to the passengers.

LeadMind´s passenger counting functionality helps reduce the impact of unexpected incidents providing access, in real time, to the number of passengers in the service. Operators will be able to take decisions in the shortest possible time and reschedule service based on updated information.

LeadMind offers a broad portfolio of data-driven services; from fleet management, to advanced analytics (such as driver´s scoring, energy consumption, safety related use cases, CBM, predictive maintenance or catenary voltage quality assessment) and wayside equipment for safer operation and smart maintenance.