LeadMind, the digital platform of CAF, gets on the Canberra tram.

The Australian capital joins the Railway Digital Transformation by implementing CAF´s LeadMind solution for the light rail line linking Gungahlin to the city centre.

LeadMind, the digital platform of CAF, gets on the Canberra tram.
Leadmind in Canberra

It is a fleet of 14 units that will have the latest technologies for data acquisition and the subsequent management of advanced analytics with the clear objective of improving availability, reliability and safety thanks to predictive maintenance.

CAF´s digital platform solution also gives real-time access to fleet health status by detecting anomalies in train asset behavior during service. It makes it possible to prioritize maintenance interventions and support drivers. As well as, offering geolocation, telemetry and event creation capabilities by the user. These events can generate an email notification and thus automating diagnosis.

The Canberra light rail line runs 12 kilometers between Gungahlin and the city servicing 14 stops along the route. LeadMind, among its functionalities, allows continuous monitoring of the fleet performance and predictive maintenance over the entire journey length. Future stages planned include catenary free areas, with LeadMind supporting onboard energy storage system monitoring supporting operational efficiency and reliability when these extensions are commissioned.

Thanks to the knowhow of the real fleet health status, the resources are invested only in those assets that require an intervention, optimizing the availability of the fleet and gaining safety.

Commencing operations in 2019 CAF designed and supplied the 5-module Urbos trams used in the network and is responsible for maintenance for the 20-year concession period. Canberra adds to the list of more than 40 projects, 1000 UTs and 5000 cars monitored by LeadMind.