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Leaders from the mobility industry count on CAF Digital Services as a partner. We facilitate the transition of mobility agents towards a more digital world. We make it easier for them to make decisions, to understand the data collected, adapting to their needs instead of them having to adapt to our technology.

They rely on Leadmind as a leading data platform in the railway industry for smart dynamic maintenance and higher operational efficiency. LeadMind helps operators and maintainers save time and costs, always prioritizing the non-negotiable safety of travel and passengers.

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LeadMind its being a key testing process enhancer and a key technology for incident resolution and thus, it favors the delivery of a train that has been intensely tested, with greater quality and precision.

Oslo tram: Easing diagnostics in the testing phase

The advantages of LeadMind, specifically for units at this stage are:

  • Start from capturing high quality data
  • Providing real time information and reducing diagnostic times
  • Prepare a datalake for future use cases: from safety to predictive maintenance, passenger counting or energy consumption which has been started to be developed in coordination with Sporveien.

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Source photo: Katrine Holland / Sporveien

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6 months have been enough to obtain tangible results with LeadMind, CAF´s digital platform, in the maintenance of the fleet TMB (Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona) of line 5, specifically the S/5000.

Barcelona Metro achieves record-time results with CAF´s advanced analytics

LeadMind is facilitating the monitoring of the health status of the fleet and applying the ISO 17359 condition-based maintenance methodology. In order to improve the maintenance strategy, reduce the costs and ensure the availability and safety of passengers on board the Barcelona metro. It has been achieved:

  • Different indicators have been proposed, evaluated and validated.
  • Detection of anomalies and predict breakdowns that may cause an incidence in the service.
  • Anomalies in the operation of doors, compressors and air conditioning have been detected with great accuracy thanks to LeadMind algorithms.
  • This information has allowed, on several occasions, a predictive intervention to the first symptoms. 
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Actren: Wheelset Life Extension

Large varied fleet and large varied data, a total of 344 rolling stocks and more than 10 Depots.

  • Wheelset Life Extension has improved in +152% in the time of 5 years.
  • More than 15 bogie bearings track incidences avoided in a year.
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Northern Arriva: better and faster operational decisions

Using LeadMind is increasing fleet reliability and availability through optimized maintenance regimes, reduction of repeat failures, expedited fault investigations and trend analysis.

  • Reduction of delays in operation by having data in real time.
  • Detection of sections with wheel slide protection activation and slides caused by fallen leaves in autumn.
  • Reduction of repetitive failures in HVAC through diagnosis and correlation of variables.
  • Expedite in-service response to incidents resulting in reduced delays.
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Metro Chile: reduced breakdowns noticeably

LeadMind detected anomalies in the assets behaviour, reducing the breakdowns to make the fleet the most reliable one in the city of Santiago.

  • 10 to 40 times reduction of breakdown rates.
  • Proactive maintenance activity thanks to automatic monitoring and integration of systems.
  • Reduction of errors and generation of alarms in real time daily of all the variables of the MVB.
  • Control of causes and effects of emergency brake applications.
  • Safety improvement while improving Wheel Life Prediction.
  • Reduction of downtime at each station through door monitoring.
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CAF Digital Depot in Zaragoza, Spain: The smartest, is a smart depot

A pioneer technological and cultural transformation that involves new tools and services that ease the train fleet Operation and Maintenance efficiently.

The goal is to reduce the maintenance costs in 10% by:

  • Reducing the maintenance tasks.
  • Extending component and equipment life extension.
  • Asset management improvement.

Together with LeadMind the smart depot also includes these digital services among others:

  • Implementation of tablets (paperless activity).
  • Tool calibration controlled by NFC.
  • Mobile APP to control the warehouses.
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